What are cloud management workflows?

Introduction to workflows

Workflows are simple & powerful automation bots. Every workflow can be configured to perform the cloud management tasks you assign and control, without a single line of code. You're simply "assembling" a workflow logically using different building blocks of cloud management.

A single workflow or bot can be used to manage 100s of resources, in a single go, they can be cloned and adapted to your infrastructure. They're no-code, assembled in minutes and are customizable to any extent.

Every workflow is a virtual automation bot

Every cloud management function can be handed off to a bot - let’s say you want to provision resources by simply filing a JIRA ticket, you can create a workflow with a matching summary, and you’ve automated deployment. 

You're automating DevOps productivity

Using automation bots that increase DevOps productivity by 99% makes a huge difference.
Every workflow can mimic a human action seamlessly, anything that a DevOps engineer does manually, a workflow can automate. That’s why we call them automation bots - they work alongside humans to boost productivity.

Reduce human error

Integrate across platforms

Reducing operational costs

How do workflows work?

Define these bots in the way that you’d explain your use case to a colleague, as a logical flow of actions. The workflow below generates the utilization report of EC2 instances with respect to network traffic.

What is the potential impact of these workflows?

Using intuitive workflows expands the possibilities of cloud process automation to include nearly any scenario. Practically anything you want to do with your cloud, you can achieve through a workflow. 

Whether it's a cloud insight, a compliance check, a report, auto-remediation, deployment, or scheduling routine tasks, or some form of action. Applying bots for cloud management is limited only by your imagination.