VMware Cloud Management & Automation

Manage, monitor & automate your VMware, in one place.

No-code workflows for VMware

Our componentization engine equips you with an easy-to-use interface - so that you can assemble workflows to achieve any VMware use case, without the need to script. We have exclusive VMware nodes that support all Vmware actions. You’re basically building automation bots & handing off functions to them - from monitoring to auto-remediation to custom use cases.

VMware Cloud Management Workflows with zero-code
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How we help manage VMware?

TotalCloud helps simplify the way you manage your cloud, and eliminates the time and chaos it otherwise takes. Your DevOps engineers need not spend weeks just programming a use case, when it can be assembled in minutes.

Discover assets & inventory

View all your VMware resources and assets across all accounts in a single place, along with their characteristics & details.

Access performance reports

Ensure high uptime and peak performance of your resources. Access customizable CPU, disk and memory utilization data & reports and enable intelligent diagnostics.


You can perform instant fault troubleshooting and automate remediation tasks on your VMware resources using our workflows. Simply define event-based triggers for proactive corrections.

Operational Automation

Automate routine and operational actions with workflows. For instance you can schedule start & stop of your VMware servers based on time & usage.

Custom Solutions

Create customized solutions for your complex infrastructure needs by just assembling a workflow in any combination you desire.

Integrate with your entire DevOps framework

TotalCloud’s workflows enable you to integrate with any other tool that you’re using. You can trigger actions from & deliver data and reports to external sources - like JIRA, ITSM, and IT Management tools. For instance, a workflow can trigger a support ticket in response to an event, auto-remediate that event & then close the ticket as well - completely automated.

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