AWS Resource Scheduling

Reduce your cloud costs 

Don’t stop at just EC2

Don’t be limited by time-based schedules

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Simplified & Sophisticated Scheduling

Although the AWS Instance Scheduler & lambdas are a common method of scheduling, we’ve developed an AWS scheduler that’s automated, scalable and quick.

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Schedule every AWS resource

Create simple & smart schedules for every AWS resource that can be powered on and off - RDS, Redshift, Elasticache, ECS, or EKS.

Usage-based Smart Scheduling

Leverage the convenience of schedules based on inactivity, where your resources will shut down in real time if they are found idle over a period of time, as per defined metrics like CPU utilization and idle time.

Instant restart

Spin up your resource through a one-click workflow whenever you need to use it again.

Complex infrastructure

 In case of an intricate set up, where control & operations are distributed, determining suitable scheduling times is tedious. 

Multi-geo setups

Time-based schedules are unfeasible in case of resources being used in multiple locations & time zones.

Put your schedules on auto-pilot, at scale

Linking schedules

Achieve sequential and complex chain actions by linking schedules to be triggered one after the other.

Control from anywhere

Trigger the start and stop of your resources from external sources and apps through HTTP endpoints. Integrate schedule with your existing tech stack.

Scheduling recommendations

Access smart recommendations that suggest the best resources to put on a schedule so that you don’t miss out on any cost-saving opportunity.

Flexible settings 

The schedules have extremely granular settings to define the preferred action before starting and after stopping a resource.

Flexible Filters

Attach varying schedules to different resources by filtering them based on parameters like date, ID, name, tags, and custom metrics.

Save DevOps time & cost

Free your DevOps

Create schedules in minutes with an easy-to-use UI in a scalable way. Reduce the manual effort needed for new resources in your infrastructure, by auto-including them in existing schedules. 

Save upto 70% costs

Automate cloud cost control, adopt usage-based scheduling and access recommendations because every additional minute of cost saved matters.

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