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The AWS well-architected framework - Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence enables DevOps’ teams to standardize and align their operations to their business goals. The operational readiness in your DevOps team affects your processes. We help you adhere to such policies through simple workflows.

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Take control of your entire process, not just your cloud

Automate operational readiness & support customer needs through enhanced workflows

Whether it's standardized tagging practices, or defined event response, achieve any such actions through simple automated workflows. Once you have basic policies setup, you can constantly Iterate.

Cloud operational excellence workflows and templates, for well-architected framework

Change and Configuration management

Be aware of any changes that occur in your cloud infrastructure to assess its impact on your operations. Constant and real-time monitoring helps you adapt to the required standards and policy.

Cloud change and configuration management

Cloud Excellence through TotalCloud’s Insights

Set up a comprehensive overview of your cloud operations with our bundled Insights for maximized efficiency.
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Operational Excellence Use Cases

Adopt some of the most common practices, reports and corrective measures that drive distinctive cloud excellence.

CloudWatch Alarms

Report resources that are missing AWS CloudWatch Alarms and use workflows to attach alarms as per your defined practices.


Report resources that are missing tags and use workflows to attach tags to all your resources based on AWS tagging best practices.


Manage your CloudWatch logs, their encryption, storage, export and validation through workflows.

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