TotalCloud for AWS Managed Service Providers

Accelerate timelines, maximize ROI and deliver high
quality cloud management to your clients

Do more with your existing DevOps resources

Speed up your project delivery time

Quickly satisfy customer needs and churn out solutions through fully-managed AWS automation and a workflow-based system

Handle 10x more clients per DevOps engineer

Reduce DevOps time and effort needed to handle every client and expand the capacity for new revenue

Ensure 100% SLA Compliance 

Minimize error rates & event response times through complete automation thereby never incurring SLA default penalties

Flexi pricing, based only on usage 

We follow a pay per use model, where you only spend on the solutions & workflows you use on TotalCloud, not a blanket percentage of the cloud bill.

 TotalCloud’s Built-in Capabilities for a fully managed AWS

Event-based auto-remediation

Set up event-based responses so that the remediation is triggered on the occurrence of the event, whether it’s a AWS CloudWatch alarm or a custom metric. You do not need to manually intervene and resolve issues.
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Security, Cost & Performance Insights

Get complete visibility into your entire cloud and ensure compliance to AWS best practices. Access bundled insights without having to worry about which rules to check. 
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Utilization Reporting 

The starting point of cloud optimization is data & visibility. Access extensive utilization reports and monitoring, which informs you of under & over-utilized resources so that you can take actions based on usage behaviour.
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Resource Scheduling

Put every AWS resource on an automated schedule, and even enable usage-based scheduling to save 70% of your cloud costs. Easily deal with multi-geo setups and complex infrastructures.
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Personalize solutions for every client

Custom Solutions

Apart from ready-to-use solutions, you can build out unique, and out-of-the-box solutions through custom workflows (or even pick from 200+ templates). You can replicate and scale these solutions without having to code from scratch.
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TotalCloud fits right into your ticketing systems with end-to-end integrations. Use our workflows to set up notification systems, auto-log events, take remedial actions and resolve tickets.
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Manage multiple accounts at once

You can deploy a solution for multiple accounts at the same time, and easily duplicate solutions, instead of starting from scratch. These solutions execute automatically based on your chosen trigger across client accounts.

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