Make sure all your tools work together

TotalCloud integrates into your stack of diverse DevOps’, Management and Notification tools

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Extend your cloud management to the systems you use most 

Connect to any app or tool within a workflow to ingest data from anywhere and receive data onto any platform


Dispatch cloud management actions from anywhere

Ticketing systems

Testing tools

Project management systems

Infrastructure provisioning tools


Instruct TotalCloud to deliver reports and notifications to your place of choosing



Ticketing systems

Project management softwares

Here are some of the tools we work with

We integrate with a ton of tools through a simple HTTP call or webhook

The power of the HTTP

The HTTP is our version of plug-ins and integrations that allows you to integrate with any software system that has an HTTP endpoint. This node lets you call the endpoint and trigger TotalCloud workflows from anywhere. You can add new collections, update existing collections, override existing databases, or delete the database directly through HTTP.
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See integrations in action

One of our integrations enables you to use Jira tickets to alter EC2 instances. The actions can be triggered directly from a Jira ticket, through a simple webhook integration.
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Achieve fully-integrated cloud automation, at scale

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