Built to maximize DevOps productivity

Save 95% of your time by automating cloud management tasks

TotalCloud vs. Scripting

Although scripting is a common method of cloud management, it remains tedious and unscalable, taking a toll on agility. We’ve developed a platform that lets you achieve any DevOps automation use case by simply combining our building blocks.

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Built to scale with DevOps needs

No-code when you need and low-code when you want

Mould the TotalCloud platform to suit your evolving needs - eliminate the chaos of scripting with workflow-based automation, but retain the flexibility that coding offers through our customization features.

Make complex use cases possible

Whether you have a complex use case to achieve or an intricate infrastructure setup, workflows easily make management easy. Go from simple resource scheduling to complex event based auto-remediation.

Accelerated & convenient cloud management

Fully integrated to fit into your architecture

Our HTTP node allows you to integrate almost any tool with the TotalCloud platform so that all your tools and functions work together. You can pull in data from anywhere and deliver data anywhere.

Faster, more agile delivery

The TotalCloud platform helps you quickly build and deploy workflows to continuously manage your cloud. Instead of coding from scratch every time your needs change, you can simply create a workflow that is executed automatically.

Adopt ready-to-use solutions or build your own

Pick from already built solutions like Resource Scheduling, Insights & Auto-remediation or completely customize and create your own with our Automation Builder.

Completely control & customize every solution

Use custom triggers, wait for events or execute workflows in real time. You can use custom logic to filter & define specific resources & actions respectively.

Let TotalCloud do all the heavy lifting, you can just build workflows

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