Cloud cost management,
at scale

Trim not only your cloud bills, but also the opportunity cost of your DevOps’ time.

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Complete the cloud cost optimization cycle 

Get insight into the state of your cloud costs, and then take action on it - come full circle to make AWS cost management sophisticated.  

Cost Visibility & Management

View and optimize your resource usage

Access purchase reports and gauge your cost-saving opportunities

Eliminate the possibility of errors & predict cost overruns

Eliminate wasted spend

Make sure you’re not spending on resources that you aren’t using

Rightsize your resources to save costs 

Get rid of unnecessary data so you only store what you need

Enhanced cost-saving with TotalCloud

Achieve cost visibility through Insights

Identify AWS cost saving opportunities through automated checks that give you access to purchase reports, resource usage and efficiency.

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Cloud cost insights, monitoring and reports

Cloud cost reduction by upto 70% with Resource Scheduling

Put all your resources on an automated schedule and optimize more than just EC2 Cost, so you only pay for what you use. You can adopt usage-based scheduling that automatically shuts down resources based on idleness to 2x your savings.

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Cloud cost reduction with Resource Scheduling

Resource Cleanup & Rightsizing

Clean out your cloud resources to get rid of data that drives up unnecessary costs, like unattached EBS volumes. Additionally, paying for over-provisioned capacity that you don’t use is wasteful - you can rightsize these resources based on their usage. 

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Cloud resources cleanup and automated instance rightsizing templates

Cost management has to evolve with changing environments

Serverless Cost Management 

The lion’s share of serverless costs is a result of unpredictable lambda invocation costs. The lambda daily cost predictor lets you define the daily threshold for lambda spend, and if the daily cost prediction surpasses the threshold set by you, you’re notified of it. 

AWS Lambda Daily Cost Predictor

Trim your cloud bills

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