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Simple Scheduling
Set a 'start and stop' time to schedule resources
Smart Scheduling
Set metric thresholds to automate the shutdown of resources

Fully managed

TotalCloud is a fully managed automation platform that allows you to create automation schedules for EC2 and RDS instances. We make sure they stop every time they are scheduled to.

Simple Scheduling

Set time-based schedules to start and stop any AWS resource. Simple scheduling of AWS resources to enable uptime only in business hours can result in saved cloud spend of up to 70%.

Smart Scheduling

Go beyond time-based scheduling to enable real-time automated shut down of resources based on inactivity. Achieve enhanced flexibility and larger cost-saving opportunities through smart scheduling.

Post Execution Triggers & Chain Actions

Enable post-execution triggers to set off other schedules, workflows or HTTP endpoints. You can achieve complex use cases by simply defining preferred chain actions.

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Find instances worth scheduling

Scheduling recommendations constantly identify and notify you of resources that can be scheduled to maximize your potential cost savings and improve resource utilization.

User approved workflows

Take approval for critical actions on your AWS accounts in a workflow from stakeholders or decision-makers.

Run Schedules from external triggers and trigger other schedules or workflows

TotalCloud is not just a black box where you can create AWS automation workflows but it interacts with external data sources as well.

  • External Triggers: You can trigger workflows from HTTP endpoints - Trigger a workflow from external sources such as Ticketing System, CI/CD, Internal Applications, Slack Bots, almost from anywhere you can make a POST call.
  • External API Calls: You can send notifications, data to other apps through our HTTP Node. Get external information from our HTTP node via GET call.

160+ templates to select from

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What do you get?

Easy Integration


Seamlessly integrate schedules with your engineering stack

Maximize Savings


Eliminate wasted cloud spend on constantly running non-essential resources

Increase Productivity

Cost Saving

Reduce manual effort for new resources in your infrastructure

Enhanced Flexibility


Create flexible schedules for resources based on any of its properties or tags

Works On All AWS Services

with all possible actions available for all AWS services.
165 Services Supported

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