Automated workflows to manage
your private cloud

All your private cloud management needs in one place

Visibility & Monitoring

Discover networks & assets on your private cloud, access inventory reports and measure CPU and Memory utilization - with no-code workflows. We want to give you the ability to gain complete visibility into the performance of your infrastructure, with minimal effort.


Automation is the key to stay on top of your private cloud at scale. With an easy-to-use flexible automation engine, you can design flows & deliver automation in minutes. From starting & stopping your servers to deployment, everything can be automated.


Set up proactive & reactive corrections or flows that are triggered automatically so that your cloud faces minimal errors & downtime. The automation bots mimic human actions and will respond to events the same way DevOps engineers do. You can integrate this system with your ITSM and DevOps tools to automate ticket creation & resolution as well.

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