Shift your cloud management from scripting to no-code workflows

Save 99% of your engineering time by eliminating scripting and employing Virtual DevOps Engineers

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Are you using the traditional method of scripting?

It takes weeks to script a use case. It's chaotic to track every script you write. Not to forget the possibility of errors & the bug-fixes that just extend the process.

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The alternative to scripting: Automation bots through workflows

Don’t deal with the underlying code of your infrastructure or even your cloud console. You can simply assemble building blocks to create a workflow, that can act as an automation bot, enabling you to achieve any cloud management use case. 

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The power of workflows

Replace the entire process of scripting - planning, architecting, programming, testing, debugging, deployment & maintenance -  with codeless workflows, made in minutes. View your configurations like a white-board drawing, and everything else is automated. 

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Remove the hassle of testing & debugging

Scripting doesn’t stop at writing the script - testing & debugging scripts is tedious. With our workflows, you can one-click test it with the ‘run till’ feature, allowing a dry run of your use case.

Access every AWS API, and any type of automation

You can perform any permutation or combination of automations or actions on your cloud, because you'll have access to every API the SDK offers. 

Access every AWS service, resource & granular attribute 

Pick any resource you want to work on. You can select resource add-ons to get as granular as you want - lets say, the Security Groups of specific EC2 instances. 

Flexible triggers, user approvals, integrations & more

Time triggers, event-based triggers, external triggers - instruct a workflow to automatically execute whenever you want. Get approvals from anyone, at any step of the process. Integrate with any DevOps tool through an HTTP endpoint. 

No limit on cloud automation flows 

Unlike scripting & cloud-provider tools, there is no end to the kind of management solutions you can achieve. Here are some of our easy & complex use cases - built by customers themselves.

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If you think even workflows are too much work, we have 350+ templates 

Across cloud automation, security, utilization reporting, cost management, inventory, scheduling, deployment & serverless. You can directly adopt them, or customize them.
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