Inventory management & controls, straight from the dashboard

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How we help manage Inventory?

TotalCloud helps simplify the way you manage your cloud, and eliminates the time and chaos it otherwise takes. Your DevOps engineers need not spend weeks just programming a use case, when it can be assembled in minutes.

View all your cloud resources in a single dashboard

Access a consolidated view of every service & resource across your cloud, along with their details.

Inventory actions: take cloud actions from the console

Use TotalCloud’s inventory tab like your cloud provider’s SDK. Take any action on your resources in real-time with a simple drop down menu.


Multi-cloud, account & region friendly

Track assets across AWS, Azure, VMware & private cloud. You can access multiple regions and accounts in your preferred view. From just an overview to granular data, on one platform.

Custom & Detailed Filters

You can group resources by tags and other filters, and make them individual columns in your report. Also find out how many resources are untagged.

Create your own inventory reports

Every TotalCloud solution is a workflow in the end, so if you have highly specific needs, you can simply create a workflow to fetch the details.

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See how all the biggest AWS management use cases can be achieved with no-code workflows

Bringing in a new era of Cloud Management

See what Componentized Cloud Management is all about.

Employ a bot for every inventory task

Learn more about our 'workflow for every use case' approach. Hand off every function to a bot.