AWS Insights

From insights to 'REAL' auto-remediation

What’s the use of an insight if you can't fix it? With TotalCloud you can convert data into automated action.
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Empowering 700+ AWS accounts at scale
Scan and detect anomalies in your cloud
Fix the anomalies through simple workflows

Fully managed

TotalCloud is a fully managed automation platform that allows you to create automation schedules for EC2 and RDS instances. We make sure they stop every time they are scheduled to.

Insights of every kind

Performance efficiency Insights

Security Insights

Cost Insights

Bird’s eye view of your cloud

Gain complete visibility into the security, performance efficiency and cost of your cloud infrastructure with a dashboard that shows risk-priority based threats or failures.

Gain control over your insights

We save you from insight fatigue - you can snooze insights that are not relevant to you and only focus on the important data you want to track.

Real auto-remediation

The anomalies detected through the insights can be fixed by selecting or creating simple workflows. We don’t just tell you how to fix the issues, but actually automate it for you.

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Ever-growing insights collection

We're constantly adding new priority insights to help you stay updated and monitor better. You can get access to more than 150 insights to be on top of best practices for your specific AWS resources.

Integrate and scale company policies and standards
(Coming soon)

Don't be limited by industry insights. You can configure and edit insights to add custom logic, or go a step ahead and create your own insights.

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User approved workflows

Take approval for critical actions on your AWS accounts in a workflow from stakeholders or decision-makers.

Run Schedules from external triggers and trigger other schedules or workflows

TotalCloud is not just a black box where you can create AWS automation workflows but it interacts with external data sources as well.

  • External Triggers: You can trigger workflows from HTTP endpoints - Trigger a workflow from external sources such as Ticketing System, CI/CD, Internal Applications, Slack Bots, almost from anywhere you can make a POST call.
  • External API Calls: You can send notifications, data to other apps through our HTTP Node. Get external information from our HTTP node via GET call.

160+ templates to select from

Get started quickly with your cloud automation and management.

What do you get?

Ensure Compliance


Find and fix issues to maintain compliance with company standards

On-Demand Scans


Don't just access auto-scanned checks, but also whenever needed to assist change management

Updated Insights

Cost Saving

We add insights everyday so you don't have to. Stay updated on every new possible risk and issue

Insight Suggestions


Get insight suggestions based on your infrastructure and insight adoption behaviour

Automate AWS at scale!

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