Complete cloud visibility - across security, performance & cost, for free.

Cloud monitoring and visibility - cost, security, performance efficiencyMonitor your cloud

Why choose TotalCloud over AWS Trusted Advisor?

You shouldn't have to pay a % of your bill to gain visibility into your cloud. We give you Cloud Monitoring at Trusted Advisor level parity, but for free.

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One-click fix for every failed insights

Automated remediation right out of the TotalCloud console - we don’t just give you an instruction manual, but actually automate the fix. You can also change the fix based on your need.
Automated fixes for cloud security checks and issues

Multi-account visibility from one platform 

 Gain insights across all your cloud accounts without starting from scratch every time. Simply choose the account, view the checks, and fix the failed insights - all from a single dashboard. 
Multi-cloud visibility in a single dashboard

Zero down-time and no loss of data

Get all AWS performance insights - from CPU utilization, to untagged resources to missing CloudWatch alarms, we track everything. 

Complete security control & fixes

Obtain a dashboard view of risk-priority based threats or failures that compromise security - from publicly accessible assets to unsecure security groups.

Utilization & Cost visibility

Learn which resources are being under & over utilized, and take corrective measures to eliminate unnecessary costs.

Gain control over your insights

You can add new AWS insights that are relevant for the important data you want to track. 

What do you get?

Ensure Compliance


Find and fix issues to maintain compliance with company standards

On-Demand Scans


Don't just access auto-scanned checks, but also whenever needed to assist change management

Updated Insights

Cost Saving

We add insights everyday so you don't have to. Stay updated on every new possible risk and issue

Insight Suggestions


Get insight suggestions based on your infrastructure and insight adoption behaviour

Automate AWS at scale

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