See how customers leverage no-code workflows to achieve complex cloud management use cases, in minutes.
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The only no-code cloud management
platform you’ll need

Make your DevOps 10x more productive, with the future of
customized cloud management.

Workflows for next-gen accelerated cloud management

You don’t need to programmatically develop cloud solutions anymore. Simply create workflows - in any combination - to assemble your desired cloud outcome.  It’s as easy as explaining logic to your colleague on a white board.

TotalCloud's Cloud Management Capabilities
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Shift your CloudOps from scripting to intuitive automation

Let your DevOps express any custom cloud use cases through our automation builder - whether it’s automated schedules to perform any cloud action, cloud visibility & reporting, event-based remediation or even complex custom solutions. We’re also going multi-cloud.

No-code Automation

Do away with the need to script, without losing out on the flexibility of coding

Fastest GTM

What would’ve taken 10 hours can now be done in 5 minutes, saving you 99% engineering time

See how it's an alternative to scripting

Go from an idea to deployable solution in minutes

Here’s a workflow that auto-remediates a
case where EBS DSU crosses 90%.
You can create such workflows to automate any
use case - from reporting to
auto-remediation to deployment.
Cloud auto-remediation: Increase EBS volume size when diskspaceutilization crosses 90%

See some of our complex customer use cases

Here are some of the ways in which our users are leveraging the TotalCloud platform to achieve complex & custom cloud management use cases.

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Our ready-to-adopt cloud solutions & templates

Although you can create workflows for every use case, you don’t need to start from scratch - we’ve already built out numerous solutions, which you can one-click adopt.

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Get started with componentized cloud management

AWS Use Case Files

See how all the biggest AWS management use cases can be achieved with no-code workflows

Bringing in a new era of Cloud Automation

See what Automation First Cloud Management is all about.

Cloud Parking

See how any cloud resource can be scheduled optimally to maximize cloud cost savings.

Give one engineer the power of an entire DevOps team

TotalCloud’s powerful workflow engine caters to small and large, complex infrastructures all the same.

Multi-account & Multi-region enabled

Clone solutions or actions across every account through a single-click so you can scale effortlessly.

Automation with virtual cloud engineers 

We’re no code when you need & low code when you want. You can create different workflows, thereby employing virtual DevOps engineers to handle different responsibilities of cloud management. 

Integrate TotalCloud into your current processes

Triggers & Notifications

Trigger actions from CloudWatch Alarms, ITSM Systems like Jira & Zendesk and any other external apps or DevOps tools. Integrate with tools like Terraform to provision infra. Receive reports and notifications to your Slack, Email, Ticketing Systems, and any other platform you wish.

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TotalCloud Integrations for Cloud Management