Utilization reporting, with automation built-in by design

An advanced, consolidated view of every cloud resource & how they’re being utilized - with the ability to optimize usage.

Cloud Utilization Reporting See utilization in action

Measure the utilization of every resource & metric

See the utilization for every cloud resource & sub-sets of resources - EC2, ECS, Redshift, EMR, RDS, Elasticache and many more, based on any metric you want. Constantly get notified on over & under-utilized resources, in a simple, readable format.

EC2 Instance CPU Utilization Report, generated with a no-code workflow

Multi-region & multi-account friendly

Access utilization reports across regions & accounts - whichever view you want

Share & present reports

Share reports across your team and clients without giving away TotalCloud access. Present reports with SRE-friendly features

Automated Reporting

Get these reports delivered to your Slack or Email in a timely manner, according to a pre-defined time trigger

Create your own utilization reports

You can add new insights that are relevant for the important data you want to track - any combination & level of specificity is possible

Cloud reporting tailor-made to fit your needs

Your cloud’s utilization data shouldn’t be difficult to understand. That’s why we give you complete flexibility in the way you control your cloud data. Create reports for any sub-set of any resource, however granular. Since every report is a workflow, you can create new ones & customize existing ones without code.

Customized Cloud Reporting through no-code workflowsLearn about workflows

Optimize your cloud usage, put TotalCloud to work

TotalCloud not only gives you access to utilization reports, but also lets you automate the fix of any anomaly that you find. Underutilized resources drain out your costs & overutilized resources degrade cloud performance.

Schedule resources & workloads

Operate your cloud at lowest possible cost, save up to 60%

Rightsize resources

Upgrade or downgrade resources automatically, when usage fluctuates

Delete unused resources  

Don't let unused resources increase your storage & costs

Learn more about automation

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