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In the summer of 2019, we decided to bring down our isometric visual interface. After talking to hundreds of cloud customers about their pain points, we realized that offering cloud visibility alone would not suffice for any cloud user. We dived deep and understood some of the major challenges still lurking the cloud world:

1) Not reaping the expected cloud ROI. The reason was that enterprises and businesses alike spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on cloud management tools to optimize usage, secure resources, comply with all entities, etc. However, these tools offered templatized set of solutions to only a general set of cloud management problems. As we know, each business’ needs are unique. One solution does not fit all. Result: These businesses had less flexibility in managing the cloud according to their business needs and spent more time and effort in automating cloud management tasks — despite having access to so many tools.

2) Increasing complexity in managing the cloud, in entirety. This was attributed to the availability of so many cloud services; not to exclude the new cloud services being launched frequently in to the market. Result: No contextual visibility into the hyper complex cloud world from a single pane of glass.

3) Spending a lot of man hours in performing repetitive organizational tasks, such as sending emails asking for approval from several team members or sending messages after messages to notify the team about certain changes to the infrastructure.

So, we stepped up and made a tectonic shift!

Time for a Change

Those who were aware of our old downloadable visual interface know that it was a gamified version of cloud infrastructure in a 3D interface offering complete cloud visibility from a single pane. The interface was embodied with smart insights that helped in understanding hyper-complex cloud infra 100X faster.

We are happy to announce that the same isometric visualization will now be available as a pluggable feature on our Web app, as part of TotalCloud Workflows, soon.

In our previous blog ‘Build Your Own Cloud Management Platform‘ we spoke about how our indigenous CloudGraph engine was the soul behind showing the entire architecture with so many layers of contextual data, such as resource correlations and perspectives, on a single pane. This engine was running in the back end of our platform tightly integrated with a 3D visualization engine in the front end.

Now, we have opened up this powerful Cloud Graph engine to AWS cloud users in the form of a web console, where you can create smart workflows leveraging its power. With workflows, you have the flexibility to perform layers of AWS management tasks, automate any number of AWS resources aligning to your business needs, communicate changes to infrastructure or take user approvals automatically — all these without depending on third-party solutions or AWS management console/CLI.

With TotalCloud smart workflows, we begin a new journey that would take us closer to our mission to create an autonomous cloud engineer. Currently, these are available with invite-only beta access.

Do give it a try and share your feedback.

Team TotalCloud

TotalCloud Goes Web

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