New In: No-code cloud management workflows for Azure, VMware & Private Cloud (in addition to AWS)

New In: No-code cloud management workflows for Azure, VMware & Private Cloud (in addition to AWS)

At TotalCloud, we’ve been enabling workflow-based cloud management for AWS to make it intuitive, accelerated and no-code. Instead of programming cloud management use cases or depending on siloed solutions, we built out a platform that gives you building blocks to assemble any cloud management solution. 

We’ve helped our users minimize their cloud costs, deal with their SLAs without any delay in error management, maximize operational efficiency through automation, and have access to any use case they need.

Dealing with complexity

In addition to the basic cloud management functions, we’ve created no-code templates to deploy a 3-tier application in minutes, to provision containers, to automate ASGs, to archive compressed S3 data to Glacier automatically, and other such complex use cases. Since it’s just a matter of assembling workflows, we deal with a go-to-market time of minutes, or hours. 

With cloud infrastructure becoming more complex, layered, and multi-cloud - we’re now extending the workflow capability to Azure, VMware, and Private Cloud. 

No-code workflows for AWS, Azure, VMware, Private Cloud

Our automation engine equips you with an easy-to-use interface - so that you can assemble workflows to achieve any Azure/VMware/Private Cloud use case, without the need to script. We have created exclusive nodes for the different clouds - Azure Resource & Action Nodes, VMware Resource & Action nodes, SSH & Network Nodes, etc - which will enable you to perform any cloud management action on any cloud resource that you might have in mind. 

You’re basically building automation bots & handing off functions to them - from monitoring to auto-remediation. You can create entire complex solutions, even those that weren’t possible before - by combining workflows like LEGO blocks.

Some of the basic solutions you can achieve


Whether you want to gather data and gain complete visibility into your cloud or take action on them, you can do them with automated workflows that are triggered as you define. 

  • Asset discovery & inventory management - View all your cloud resources and assets across all accounts in a single place, along with their characteristics & details. 
  • Reporting, monitoring & insights - Ensure high uptime and peak performance of your resources. Access CPU, disk, and memory utilization data & reports and enable intelligent diagnostics. You can also generate security & compliance reports and access performance insights. 
  • Automation & actions on your cloud - All your cloud processes and actions can be automated based on a specific trigger - whether its routine tasks like backups, or complex automation like deployment & provisioning. 
  • Auto-remediation (most popular) - Event-based remediation to fix any performance or security issues in real-time, without any manual intervention. 

Customized Cloud Management

Any cloud management use case that would’ve been performed manually can be replicated by workflows - while following organizational processes like taking approvals and sending notifications. There’s no limit to the actions or solutions you can achieve just by combining workflows. You can integrate with any platform with a simple HTTP integration. Call a Jenkins job from TotalCloud, create JIRA tickets (and close those tickets after auto-remediating an issue), deploy resources in response to ticketing requests, etc. The idea is to give you a standardized form of cloud management, which you can use to customize everything. You can sign up for free to explore the platform and see how workflows can be built in under 5 minutes.  

New In: No-code cloud management workflows for Azure, VMware & Private Cloud (in addition to AWS)

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