Aws Lambda Daily Cost Predictor

AWS Lambda, although the facilitator of the serverless revolution, has pricing pitfalls that have resulted in users incurring excessive costs over unintended executions. To assist in ensuring you don’t receive such bill shocks, we created the lambda daily cost predictor. The workflow lets you define the daily threshold for lambda spend, and if the daily cost prediction surpasses the threshold set by you, you’re notified of it. This way, you stay ahead of mounting lambda costs and can take corrective measures to prevent it. (Read the best practices to follow while dealing with serverless architecture here)

The creation of this complex use-case through the Workflow Editor was enabled by the custom node, a particularly unique node that lets you add custom logic or code into the workflow. Adding custom code permits you to add or remove qualities from input data in a NodeJS v10 sandbox. We offer the lambda function cost predictor and cost detector as predefined custom logics. The workflow runs every 1 hour (customizable) and promptly sends you a notification (through Slack or Email) when the threshold is exceeded, as shown below.

The Lambda cost predictor template is depicted below:

Aws Lambda Daily Cost Predictor

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