Instance Comparison Chart

So you’ve decided to choose AWS the primary provider of your cloud service and now you’re looking into setting up your environment. You’ve got your project to be deployed and all you have left to do is choose an AWS instance that will run your machine image. But now, like many others before you, you are stumped by the countless choices of EC2 instances out there.

Choose the wrong ones and you pay the price not only from your wallet but also in the effectiveness of your cloud environment. It is a very common obstacle for new AWS users to overcome. Along with the varied types of instances, the different AWS EC2 pricing options add fuel to the flames of uncertainty. 

For example, purchasing i3EN 3XLarge for its memory and CPU specs is a choice that will leave you with an extra $2k expense in your annual bill when you can gain the same size for a cheaper price by purchasing Z1D 3XLarge instead. 

Having a concrete budgetary plan with a deep insight into the specs you are looking for can greatly help narrow down your choices. However, we don’t all come in with solid plans. Sifting through the choices is time-consuming and ineffective.

Totalcloud’s Instance Comparison Chart lets you view the instances in a scatter chart with rich customization options. You can compare instances, filter it by your preferences and view the different instances from lowest to highest EC2 prices. 

  • Choose from compute-optimized instances, General purpose instances or any other instance type, filter them according to the memory or vCPU specs you have in mind and view your narrowed down the list of instances according to the price from lowest to highest. 
  • Change the pricing model from AWS Reserved Instances of Windows or Linux to On-Demand pricing.
  • Click on the data points to compare multiple instances. 
  • View the prices as hourly, weekly, monthly or annually. 

Whether you come with everything you want already in your mind or you’re completely blank on what you’re looking for, you’ll still gain a lot of information from the chart. We hope you can find the right EC2 instances for your projects, you can provide us with feedback for any suggestions you might have.

Instance Comparison Chart

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