How To Migrate To Azure Faster?

Migrating from on premise data centers to a cloud provider is always considered a difficult endeavor. From the cost, to the planning and resource allocation, plenty of preliminary work is gone to setting up a cloud infrastructure. Which is why, Microsoft Azure’s new program stands to benefit many organizations still on the fence about migrating to the cloud.

The Azure Migration Program accelerates the process of migrating the cloud by providing

proactive, end-to-end guidance and tools-including technical skill-building, free Azure migration tools and offers to reduce migration costs. Recently, however, Microsoft has further expanded their Migration Program to include new features and benefits to their partners.

Microsoft has now launched the Azure Migration and Modernization Program(AMMP).

Azure Migration Program matched the customers with the right partners with proven results in successful migrations of other organizations. Their expert guidance serves to optimize the process by reducing the costs and planning the right services to adopt.

AMP also includes courses to develop Azure specific skills and access to free Azure migration tools such as Azure Migrate to assess and migrate workloads. It also offers reduced migration costs and other features like extended security updates for Windows and SQL 2008 servers and Azure Hybrid Benefit.

Why Does the Azure Migration Program Matter?

When it comes to operating on the cloud, migration is the first big hurdle. It is the largest project to complete before anything else. This is also why cloud migration is seen as intimidating. The Migration Program isn’t just to make it easier for companies to move into the cloud but it's also to motivate them to operate more on the cloud. Once a company has set up an efficient cloud infrastructure, they are much more likely to adopt more services and continue to run operations on their virtual servers. It eventually unlocks a slew of new innovations and opportunities which results in more favorable partnerships.

Azure Migration doesn't just equip the customer with the means to migrate easier but also enlists the assistance of Azure Expert Managed Service Providers, who act as partners, to help customers with the process. The partners have an easier time navigating among all the migration-related customers by grouping them all under one umbrella. All of the customer use cases get addressed quickly with this program’s setup.

Where Does Modernization Fit In?

Azure Migration and Modernization Program is the updated version with new features to boast. App Modernization is a critical component for many companies looking to migrate to Azure. Azure’s extended security for old windows and sql servers is one modernization feature for your servers.

Some other notable benefits include:

  • Extended Security Updates for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2, and SQL Server 2012, free only on Azure
  • Improved Containerization services for on premise .NET Apps
  • Modernize your database with Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instances.

With Azure Modernization services, you wouldn't simply have to rely on a lift and shift strategy. You can also go for Rebuilding, Rearchitecting, Refactoring, and more.

How To Migrate To Azure Faster?

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