Aws Cloud Cost Monitoring & Management Report

In January 2018, TotalCloud Inc. conducted an independent survey, “Understanding AWS Cloud Cost,” focusing on the latest practices followed in the industry.

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With the increase in adoption of new AWS cloud services and microservices, AWS cloud cost tend to increase. Thus, more and more businesses are focusing on cost monitoring and management.

Enterprises & startup cloud teams alike are taking a stronger cloud visibility stance to control the growing cloud spend and to improve cloud ownership & governance.

Daily Cost Checks?

According to the report, ~36% of users check their AWS cost once a week, which is not the best practice. Only ~26% of users have setup Amazon CloudWatch alarms to get notified when a part of the budget exceeds and hence are up to date without worrying about their AWS cost.

Reportedly, most users are still segregating costs by resource type (~34%) and the next in line is by tag value (~27%) given that they have a good tagging strategy setup on their end. This is one of the best practices but due to the lack of tagging strategy, most users are still segregating costs by resource type.

Download AWS Cloud Cost Monitoring & Management Report and access more insights regarding AWS Cost Monitoring & Management.

TotalCloud Inc. is currently working towards improving the visibility of cloud infrastructure.

Aws Cloud Cost Monitoring & Management Report

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