Audit Entire Aws Cost & Resource Inventory, Across Regions

Cloud cost is like an elephant in the room, irrespective of the size of a business. Cost spikes on the cloud are due to engineering problems; doesn’t matter if you are on public cloud or hybrid cloud, including AWS. The ease with which AWS allows developers to spin up or spin down instances in minutes is a hidden bane inside an (overrated) boon. As the AWS resource usage scales, so does the AWS cost!

AWS Cost is Directly Proportional to AWS Resource Usage

The ways to take control of AWS cost are many. One of the best practices is to continuously monitor resource usage, current cost, and projected cost, region-wise. It’s best if the monitoring is in real-time. That way you have clarity over what must have spiked the cost at any given point in time. Having said that, keeping track of resource inventory and cost across different regions, that too at scale, is an effort intensive task.

Tens of tools, including AWS Cost Explorer, provide the data required to calculate the current cost and projected cost for the month. The reports and the data from these tools are useful, however, STALE in nature.

You may ask — “How does it matter, if resource inventory data as well as cost data across regions are stale or in real-time?”

Allow us: Imagine a DevOps Lead Manager of a medium-sized media business named Ethan oversees AWS cost for his company. His department’s cloud usage scaled up to gear up for the holiday season. He diligently monitors cost everyday, yet he found that total cost had spiked up due to an unknown factor.

After several hours of juggling between dashboards, he figures out the reason. A couple of orphaned EBS volumes from previously launched EC2s (for the purpose of Disaster Recovery) were still running in another region. Typically, Ethan’s team provisions EC2s on Us-east-1 region. Due to a human error of overlooking at other regions, costs spiraled out of control!

It’s quite natural for anyone in this situation to overlook at resources, especially when majority of resources are always provisioned from one AZ. In scenarios like this, a unified view of resource inventory and cost data in real-time helps find the culprit resource in a snap!

A Unified Zero-Steps View of Resource Inventory and AWS Cost Data

How awesome would it be if you had an unified real-time view of resource inventory and a bird’s eye view of cost incurred in each AWS region, in a single view?

We heard you. Ever since we built our platform, we have been providing World View to all our customers. We now have newer version of the same World View complemented with an improved UI!

TotalCloud World View provides you with a top-level view of the AWS cloud spend mapped with live resource inventory simultaneously, in a single view.

The below video demonstrates how TotalCloud World View eliminates juggling between multiple dashboards, tabs, or browsers. With just a glance, you can understand your AWS cost and resource inventory across all the regions. No clicks. Just a hover over the regions.

Conclusion: Embrace a Zero-Step, Real-Time Visual Console

Start the day with your morning cup of joe and a good *few-seconds* look at TotalCloud Worldview to keep a tab on changing AWS resource inventory as well as cost, region-wise. By the time you would have finished your coffee, you would have got real-time visibility into resource inventory and cost data in one view.

Do you think TotalCloud World View must include any other feature(s)? Share your views?

Embrace a visual console and find loopholes in the infrastructure 100X faster compared to other tools in the market.

Audit Entire Aws Cost & Resource Inventory, Across Regions

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