The TotalCloud platform: Automation Builder

Craft any cloud management use case, with zero scripts, in minutes.

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Our powerful core platform for scriptless automation

Every readymade solution we offer has been built using our core platform, the builder, without any programming. We offer the platform to you, to express any cloud use case in a logical manner - through workflows.

Save 95% of your CloudOps time

Imagine buying different tools and/or writing scripts to automate cloud for a variety of use cases. It’ll take weeks and sometimes months to get the solution running. What would’ve taken hours can be now done in 5 minutes.

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Create anything - from the cloud to containers, to deployments  

From simple use cases to ones as complex as deployments, automated remediation & container provisioning, achieve it through simple workflows. You can use the builder to create customized workflows - and define what happens at each step (what we call nodes).

LEGO-like building blocks for cloud management & cloud automation

Here are some of the complex use cases we’ve built out

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Some of the solutions our platform can help you achieve

Whether you want the basics of cloud management covered, or want to explore unique and customized solutions, the Automation Builder is designed to deliver any possibility & combination you need.

Cloud cost visibility
& optimization

Cloud Security Management & Automation

Cloud performance &
operational efficiency

Cloud usage reporting
& visibility

Deployment &

Cloud Automation &

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Enhanced visibility in a workflow

View your configurations like a diagram drawn out on a whiteboard, without the chaos of code.  Take control of every action on your cloud & containers  - from the most abstract to the most granular.

Control and transform data in a workflow

Easily control what data should move forward to the next node (step) in your workFrom visibility to automation, go full circle. We have nodes to create reports, monitor & enable notifications - on any platform. We also have nodes that enable actions, integrations, user approvals before a critical step and custom code. flow. Have total control on data movement and transformations!

300+ templates to select from

Get started on your Cloud Management by adopting templates, built out on the Automation Builder.
300+ templates to automate your cloud managementLearn about our automation bots

Any action on any AWS service & resource

The TotalCloud platform supports every cloud resource & performs any action allowed by the SDK
165 Services Supported