AWS Cloud Management & Automation

Come to the future of AWS management
with our componentized engine

One platform to rule them all

We've built out a componentized platform, not just a tool- that standardizes the creation of cloud management solutions with no-code automated workflows, and zero-hassle, so that you can maintain the speed of innovation that the cloud enables. We want to enable RPA for the cloud. You can create entire complex solutions, even those that weren't possible before - by combining workflows like LEGO blocks.

Automation bots that can mimic human actions

Any cloud management use case that would’ve been performed manually can be replicated by workflows - while following organizational processes like taking approvals and sending notifications. There’s no limit to the actions or solutions you can achieve just by combining workflows.

Some of our pre-built AWS solutions that you can directly adopt:

Cloud Scheduling

Put every cloud resource on an automated schedule - to start/stop, upgrade/downgrade, or any action you need.

Cloud Monitoring & Insights

200+ automatically adopted cloud security, performance & best practices rules, with the ability to auto-fix issues.

Utilization Reporting

Access utilization reports across all AWS resources to find out underutiilized & overutilized resources.


You can set proactive & reactive actions and controls that are automated, to respond to errors in real time.


You can provision AWS infrastructure or integrate with Terraform/CloudFormation. Deploy applications & provision containers with no-code workflows.

Custom Workflows

You can create workflows for any complex or unique AWS use case you have in mind, with your componentized engine.

Customized cloud management for your cloud journey

TotalCloud gives you both options - either adopt out of the box AWS management solutions, or create your own flows. So if you have a very specific use case in mind, just define a workflow. Here are some of the complex solutions our users have created using workflows. Every workflow becomes a template that you can reuse & clone.

Integrate with external systems

You can trigger workflows & ingest data from any system. You can deliver reports & notifications to any system. We even integrate with other tools in the DevOps pipeline like Jenkins, so you can incorporate processes like CI/CD in your workflows.

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