Automation First

What if every cloud management function could be handed over to a RPA bot?

Automation & robots are here to stay. We're increasingly applying RPA across business processes & IT management, why not cloud management too? The faster we leverage it, the faster we put our business ahead of the curve. Every cloud management bot or workflow that you create, is 100% automated

The flexibility of automation - triggers

Your automation bot can be instructed to run based on multiple factors

Time - You want an action to happen periodically, like generating a report every week, or scheduling a backup of servers everyday

Events & Alarms - Workflows can be triggered in response to an event or an alarm, for example, increasing EBS volume size when DiskSpaceUtilization crosses 90%

Manual Triggers - If you want to run actions only rarely as a one-time thing, trigger it manually in real-time, like provisioning new resources

External Systems - Directly integrate systems like JIRA, or your ITSM systems, so when a ticket is raised, a workflow is kicked off

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Automate every cloud use case

Any action that you can program today using the cloud provider’s SDK, you can do with workflow, minus the code. So you’re not just automating the basic, repetitive tasks, but any complex action as well.


Deploy applications & provision containers


Monitor cloud best practices, security, cost & performance monitoring


Automate processes like tag management


Report Inventory, utilization & compliance, find out errors, missing alarms & anomalies


Setup event based responses, like increasing EBS volume, rebooting instances, in real time

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Step into the future of automation

The business impact of automation is reflected in time, money & performance - the core of every business

Achieve fastest GTM & maximized DevOps productivity

Minimal TCO & reduced cloud & operational costs

Improve cloud performance & make it error free