Self-cure for your cloud

Put remediation on auto-pilot with the TotalCloud platform
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Empowering 700+ AWS accounts at scale

Cloud Anomalies

Trigger from Insight checks, ticketing softwares, or practically anywhere.


Set up simple automation workflows to fix every anomaly.

Fix anomalies in real-time, as and when you find them

We don’t just tell you how to fix issues, but actually do it for you. Quit relying on manual intervention, and set up workflows to remediate issues immediately, as and when they are detected.

Put automation to work, not a man

Whether you detect security anomalies, availability drawbacks or performance efficiency issues, don’t put a man on the job; automate it, so you can eliminate DevOps fatigue. 

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Handle multiple accounts at scale

Auto-remediate for multiple accounts at once, without increasing the DevOps time or effort.

Trigger remediation from almost anywhere

You can trigger the remediation workflows based on failed insight checks, events, alarms (SNS), external sources or specific metrics.

Make auto-remediation a part of your system

We give you customized integrations so you can embed it within your tech stack and ticketing systems, like Jira. Ensure proper logging and resolution of issues, and external triggers through HTTP endpoints.

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What do you get?

Minimized resolution time


Remediation of issues as soon as it is discovered, to prevent critical loss of time of uptime. 

Compliance & SLA Assurance


Ensure your system is up and running at full efficiency and that you aren’t defaulting on SLAs, in an automated way

Free your DevOps

Cost Saving

Your DevOps’ time does not need to be spent on finding and coding remedies, automate it instead

Automate AWS at scale!

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