An Automation Bot for every cloud use case

What if every cloud management function could be
handed over to an RPA bot?

Tell a bot what to do & it'll diligently perform that function for you. Let's say you want to have a fix ready when your CPU utilisation goes up drastically, routinely check for untagged resources, and downgrade a resource when a JIRA tickets gets filed. 3 use cases, 3 automated workflows. We want to make it a 'bot for every use case' and not a 'script for every use case'.

Democratize Cloud Management

Fix the knowledge gap and enable anyone to create a workflow

Workflows are for everyone. Any cloud engineer who can logically explain a use-case can create an automation workflow and let it run. It requires no advanced technical know-how and certifications, and has no-code simplicity. Enhance the productivity of your DevOps engineers by giving them a bot assistant. Since this is a SaaS offering, we're completely agent-less. There's nothing that needs to be installed or deployed.

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When we say every use case, we mean every use case

Complexity doesn't matter when you're creating workflows as bots. You can deploy an entire 3-tier application or auto-remediate in response to an event. Every bot is intuitive & imitates human flows. We have 300+ plug-and-play automation bots pre-built

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