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The only Cloud Management platform
you will need

Adopt our ready-to-use

Resource Scheduling
Cost & Performance Insights
Utilization Reporting
Security Insights

or build your own solutions with simple workflows.

A platform, not a tool

Build your cloud management journey by combining TotalCloud’s building blocks in any way you desire, with no-code automation.  

No Code Automation

Do away with the need to script, without losing out on the flexibility of coding

Fastest GTM

Create, deploy and execute any solution with agility, saving 90% engineering effort

Go beyond siloed cloud management

TotalCloud’s powerful workflow engine caters to small and large, complex infrastructures all the same.

Multi-account & Multi-region enabled

Gain full visibility into every account & region simultaneously though a single dashboard. Clone solutions or actions across every account through a single-click so you can scale effortlessly.

Complete flexibility at scale

Leverage the benefits of flexible triggers, filters, approvals and actions to achieve any use case. Achieve use cases across clouds with cloud agnostic solutions & workflows. 

Ready-to-adopt solutions

 We’ve built several solutions so you don’t have to start from scratch, and we’re building more every day. 

Resource Scheduling

Security, Cost & Performance Insights


Utilization Reporting

Custom Solutions

Put every AWS resource on an automated, usage-based schedule to save 70% of cloud costs. Easily deal with multi-geo setups and complex infrastructures. Learn more
Get complete visibility into the your entire cloud and ensure compliance to AWS best practices. Access bundled insights without having to worry about which rules to check
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Remediation can be triggered on the occurrence of the event, whether it’s a CloudWatch alarm or a custom metric. You do not need to manually intervene and resolve issues.
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The starting point of cloud optimization is data & visibility. Take action based on extensive utilization reports and monitoring.
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Apart from ready-to-use solutions, you can build out unique use cases (or even pick from 200+ templates). You can replicate and scale these solutions without coding.
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Integrate TotalCloud into your current processes

Triggers & Notifications

Trigger actions from CloudWatch alarms, events, custom code, external applications & DevOps tools. Receive output and notifications to Slack, email, ticketing systems, and other external applications. 

How It Works

We adapt to your DevOps processes

We're SRE friendly

Share dashboards, insights, and reports across teams, without giving away control. 

We adapt to your organizational process

Align TotalCloud with your business processes to let the practitioner manage your cloud. From Slack alerts to controlled auto-remediation, we adapt to your needs.  

Thoughtful Words From Companies Like You
Totalcloud’s hands-on approach to assisting clients really makes things easier for us. The ultimate cloud solution.
Bhaskar Raju
CTO @ House of Licious
Totalcloud Workflows has reduced management overhead, raising the overall productivity of our team.
Preetham HR
VP @ Wolken
Software Pvt. Ltd.
We have noticed significant improvements in cloud security with Totalcloud's Monitoring workflows.
Basav Nagur
CTO @ Ant Wak
Pvt. Ltd.